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“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with…

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The Glory of Room 11

For me, there has always been an attraction to anonymous sex. The thought of no-strings-attached sex and that your mind can make up any little details about the man are what really gets me going. What is his background?, or if he is married or what other taboo subject may turn your motor. Since I grew up in a small town and in a more rural area, I am more use to the art of glory holes. It was one of the only ways to hook up since there were no gay bars or bath houses around at the time or they were so far away. Still to this day, I always want to check out a restroom if I go someplace I have never been or to another city that I am not familiar with. First off, I am a very visual person and I must have a physical connection to the person. As my friends say, “I am the only person they know that will make a man back up so I can see his face before I do anything at a glory hole. Doesn’t matter how magnificent the cock is!” It is true! I want to see a man’s face first. That’s why I always require face pics before meeting up with anyone from online. Even I won’t play in a dark room unless I can see what the guy looks like. LOL Kind of defeats the purpose of the dark room I guess.
Since there are some guys that may not know what a glory hole is, all 5 of you, I will talk a little about the history of the famed or should I say Infamous Glory hole.
A glory hole is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between stalls in a bathroom or in an arcade booth in an adult video store for people to engage in sex or observe the person on the other side while jacking off. The partition maintains anonymity. For the most part, oral sex is performed through the hole and sometimes you can engage in anal sex as well. The hole is usually hip high and is either cut, drilled or punched through the wall. There is such a love of glory holes that some guys have installed them in their homes using a plywood board fitted in a doorway and some even just use sheets with a hole cut out. there is a company that is monopolizing on this and has created a portable glory hole that you can take with you when traveling to install in your hotel room. This leads back to why some men prefer glory holes. In my experience, most men that use these to be serviced are men that want to de-personalize their partner. I mean, that without having an interaction with the person, then they can tell themselves it is just a mouth or it could be a female if they are married or just straight and horny. Using glory holes can also mitigate any perceived shortcomings that the guy may feel he has, whether that be age, looks, or physical size.
For what ever reason men use these, we have seen a decline in active glory holes around the country. Partly because of rises in STD’s and HIV and the legal issues of public sex. they seem to be getting harder and harder to find.
Well, look no further than Room 11. I came across room 11 the other day, and had a wonderful surprise when I found the door that is usually locked replaced with a curtain. When I entered I found an open room, the bed had been removed. Against the back wall was three large holes and beneath the two on the right was a padded kneeling bench. it did have low-level lights ran across the top of the holes so you can see who was in the room. To my wonderment, the holes looked into the alleyway, which is a rather popular area of the spa. I will say that for me, I prefer the alley side of the hole where I can see into the room only because when you are in the room looking into the alley, it is almost impossible to see who is on the other side due to the lights above the hole. But that is why to each his own. There are some guys that I talked to that love it simply because of that. It is a fun addition and it is very nice to see entourage growing and changing and trying new things. The voyeur rooms are a great addition and always get used when I am there. What can I say, Daddy is an exhibitionist!
And Breaking News – Wise Wednesdays special now runs from 9am till midnight. If the demand keeps up, it will stay that way. If not, then it will go back to the regular 9am – 6pm special.

Play hard, and stay cool! Summer has arrived in Las Vegas.
Daddy Knows Best!

Are you hot, hot hot?

Summer Fun Time

Summer doesn’t officially start until the 21st of June, but the warm weather is already here. I love summertime in Las Vegas, partly because I love to sweat but mainly due to the overwhelming number of men shedding those winter clothes. I love seeing half-naked men walking around town not aware that they are getting some of us all hot and bothered.

As the heat goes up, so does my libido and even though it is hot out, sex just gets everything extra-sweaty.  For a long time, I thought my inner thermostat was just set higher than others and I was the only one that this happened to.  But Daddy did some research and found out some interesting facts about summer time.

Some studies show that the heat causes testosterone levels to increase up to 120%. So, the need to breed is inherent during the summer time and this is seen across all species.  Sunlight has a direct effect on the brain’s serotonin production. According to researchers in Australia, Our serotonin levels increase with an increase in luminosity (sunlight).  Among other things, serotonin also regulates arousal.  Not just serotonin, but sunlight affects many other hormones in the body as well, some of which are associated with mood and pleasure feelings.  The longer day, shorter night cycles too affects sexual activity.  As the day gets longer, the amount of serotonin and dopamine in your brain increases – specifically dopamine, a hormone that stimulates libido. So, this is how it works.  Lots of dopamine triggers the production of testosterone which controls sex drive.

Sexier Smells

Even the sweat that some would find disgusting does a world of good for your encounters according to some psychiatrists.  When we sweat, the scent glands in our skin secrete mate-attracting pheromones, which register in those areas of the brain that control sexual urges and trigger desire. I think that musky sweaty smell of a man is better than poppers for me.  The whiff of a sweaty man can flip those switches in my brain quicker than the speed of light.  Sweat also boosts our own natural scent that in turn attract others.  I love getting all sweaty with some beefy chunky hairy man.

These scientific details can partly explain why we complain about the heat outside, but have no trouble hanging out in the dry sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi once inside the Spa.  We are already in a sexually charged arena, why not boost the levels up a notch or three.  But as Daddy says, don’t stay in a Jacuzzi or dry sauna for too long at one time. It drops your blood pressure and has been known to cause light-headedness and can even cause problems in getting or maintaining a hard-on.  Best thing is to cool off in the shower or better yet, take a dip in the pool.  I love the fact that there is an indoor heated pool right on site.  They usually keep it about 85 degrees so it does feel rather cool after being in the Jacuzzi, steam room or dry sauna. It helps enjoy your time in those areas by keeping your internal temp regulated by cooling off afterwards.  Then there is more fun to be had in the rest of the facilities. Especially if you plan on being there for a few hours, make the most of your time there.

If you haven’t been to the spa in a while (more than 6 months), stop back by and see  the upgrades they have installed. Daddy is there every week for Wise Wednesdays and would be glad to give you a tour, if you like.

As always, Daddy Knows Best!

See you soon.  Grrwooof!

Cowboys & BullRiders & Bears! Oh My!

This was a great, busy and Hot weekend. Started the weekend off on Thursday with the kickoff at the Luxor for Bighorn Rodeo 16, the gay rodeo in Las Vegas.  The rodeo this year was a nighttime one, with all the action at Horseman’s Park on Fri and Sat night from 3pm – 10pm. So, that meant plenty of playtime during the day out and about in Las Vegas. The survivors party was Sat night at Charlie’s LV and the place was packed full of hot cowboy meat. The awards banquet was held Sunday morning poolside at the Luxor followed by the new Gay pool party kickoff for the hotel, then at 4 was a bear party back at Charlie’s LV.  That would have been set for a very busy weekend in itself but that was just one thing going on this weekend.  Then again, this is Las Vegas and there is always something going on! I love it here!

Over at Mandalay Bay this weekend was the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event, Last Cowboy Standing.  It was a packed arena to see who would win the epic battle of man versus beast.  There were 50 cowboys in the running over the 2 days and when all was said and done, 25-year-old  Silvano Alves won an amazing third consecutive world title.  He is part of a group called the “Killer B’s’.  I would love to know that the “B” stood for Bears but it doesn’t, it means Brazilian-born.  There is a group of riders from brazil that has had an impressive riding career over the last fifteen years.  Bears, Brazilians are both hot.  Now, I just need to find a Brazilian Bear!  Alves is just one of the hotties here riding those big bulls and even if you are not into rodeo, there is plenty of eye candy to look at and lust over.  You can’t deny a hot man in a pair of tight-fitting wranglers.  What can I say, Cowboy butts drive me nuts!  Bear butts drive me nuts!  Hell, Butts drive me nuts, period!

About 5 years ago, I met a  beefy bear guy out and about that was here for PBR.  Come to find out he is a Chute Dogger or Steer wrestler for other people who may not know what chute dogging means.  I have run into him every year since then during PBR. We have never exchanged numbers or contact info, it is just the stars aligning in our favor.  He is very fun to play with and sometimes I like to be the steer he wrestles to the ground.  Boy it sure is getting hot in here!  Grrwooof!

I grew up around rodeo and I think it is part of my love for big beefy blue-collar men.  Ones that are big and built, not from going to the gym every day, but by everyday working hard on the farm or construction site.  One of the reasons I really love going to Entourage Spa for Wise Wednesday, is the big beefy bears that go there sometimes.

The weekend ended with a local group hosting their Bears, Boots and Boxers event.  A  fun-filled afternoon combining some of my favorite things, food, beer and bears and cowboys in their underwear.  It is always a very friendly group and plenty of tourists mixed in to make it very fun.  They have an event every month but each has its on theme, but they all focus on the fun of a group of big hairy and some not so hairy hanging out together.  In July, they are having their first annual event that is completely clothing optional. That should be fun and right in line with the city being called, “Sin City”.  So, if you want to be BAD over 4th of July weekend, I have the info for the event.

I think I am going to go rest after dinner. This weekend was a full one, plus I have to be rested for Wise Wednesdays.  So, bears, blue-collar men and cubs watch out.

Till next time

Daddy Knows Best

Protecting the Family Jewels

Family Jewels, testicles, nuts, balls, or what ever else you call them, whether they are shaved smooth, waxed (ouch!), or look like a small Ewok, you need to protect these boys. Most testicular cancers occur in men between the ages of 15 and 40, and white men have a higher risk than men of other races. Some evidence has shown that men infected with HIV, especially those diagnosed with AIDS, are at a greater risk. A family history of testicular cancer also increases a man’s risks.
The best defense is early protection. About 90% of testicular cancer cases start with a lump on a testicle that is often painless but can be uncomfortable. Men may also notice swelling or enlargement of the testicles, or have sensation of heaviness or aching in the lower abdomen or scrotum. Any of these signs or symptoms should be brought to a health provider’s attention right away.
Early detection – finding cancer early before it has spread – gives you the best chance to do something about it. Knowing about these cancers and how they can be prevented or found early can save your life.
Testicular cancer is diagnosed in about 8,000 men a year in the U.S. and 390 men a year die of testicular cancer. The rates of testicular cancer have more than doubled over the past 40 years and have now begun to increase in black men.
The cause of testicular cancer. is not known but they do respond very well to treatment. Most lumps in the scrotum are not testicular cancer but if you find a lump, swelling or detect any differences in your testicles when you do a self examination, you must see your doctor. Tests will be carried out by your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.
Testicular cancer can be very successfully treated in 95% of cases. If you have any signs or symptoms of testicular cancer, I can not stress enough the importance of seeing a doctor. I have a friend (at the age of 18) that saw a program on testicular cancer and how to do a self exam/ he went home and did the exam while in the shower and noticed a lump. He went to the doctor and yes it turned out to be cancer. it was successfully treated and he is now cancer free and 28 years old. He credits seeing that program that he checked himself and caught it early.
The main tests a doctor could run could include the following types:
a) Physical examination
b) Blood Test. This test will be looking for the serum blood markers, beta HCG and alpha-fetoprotein that indicate the presence of cancer. Up to 50% of early stage non-seminoma type testicular cancer do not show these markers.
c)Ultrasound can show whether or not there are abnormalities in the scrotum. High frequency waves called a sonogram can show the presence of a testicular tumor even when it is very small and undetectable by physical examination.
d) Biopsy of the Tumor. Because of the high risk of contamination and spread of the cancer by doing a scrotal biopsy, the affected testicle is almost always removed through an inguinal incision and the tissue is examined. the sample will show the type of cancer. Seminoma (40%) is the most common subtype. Non-seminoma subtype account for the rest and include teratocarcinoma and embryonal cell carcinoma.
Further tests will be carried out by the doctor to check if cancer has spread to other parts of the body. The doctor can then determine what type of treatment is appropriate.

Regular testicular self examination, once a month, can alert you to changes in your testicles so it can save your life.

Here’s How:

If you have a bath or shower first,  your testicles will relax making it easier to identify any changes.  Examine your testicles one at a time.  You only need to use gentle pressure.  Stand in front of a mirror.  Look for any obvious changes from last month.  It is quite normal for one testicle to hang lower than the other or for one to be bigger than the other.

Examine the epididymis first. It should feel soft and slightly tender to the touch.  The epididymis stores sperm and sometimes it may be more sensitive than others.  Find the spermatic cord which goes out from the top of the epididymis and behind the testicle.  It should feel like a form, smooth tube.

Feel the testicle itself. It should be smooth with no lumps. Lumps or selling are most commonly found on the front or sides of the testicles.  If you find a lump or swelling,painful or painless, have a feeling of heaviness in your groin, scrotum, or lower abdomen, then you should go see your doctor.  It may be a sign of cancer or other disease that requires urgent medical attention.

Tips:  Regular testicular self examination once a month, can alert you to changes in your testicles sot it can save your life.  Choose the same day each month to do the exam.

If you have any questions or comments, please post here.

Til next time,

Daddy Knows Best!

Rules of the Game

Bathhouse etiquette:

Some people think that bathhouses or saunas are so 1990s. But even in this era of the internet and ordering sex “in”, spas are still very popular.  Some go just to relax, others go with friends and some go for that anonymous hookup.

I really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the variety of hot men that come and go. I have seen and do know of some men that come in, spend about an hour walking around, maybe hooking up with one person and then they are out the door.  Mainly because this is the only outlet they have and feel secure in.  I prefer to spend a few hours there, til I feel I have a very relaxing enjoyable day.

For awhile now, I have noticed a severe shortage of manners and etiquette here from not just the young men but the older ones too.  I used to think it was a cultural thing, because I mainly experienced this behavior from the asian men. After talking to a few of the men, and paying more attention, I have realized that it is across the board.  I come from a time that manners were a big deal, and you waited for signals if someone was interested or not.  Body language does say a lot, if you are paying attention to it.  If a guy moves away from you or moves your hand out-of-the-way, then usually means he is not interested.  Face it, there are going to be people there that you find attractive that don’t find you attractive, and vice versa.  Don’t take it personally.  In my experiences, I just say, ‘no thank you’, or ‘I am gonna keep walking around’. Also, if someone shakes their head no or motions their hand away, I acknowledge that and move on.  I do try to  be as nice as possible but have found recently that you have to be downright forceful and sometimes rude to get your point across.  Then the person acts like you are the crazy one.

Even though the internet has seemed to take away some of our communication skills and our ability to interact with people face to face, there is no reason for people to be so aggressive and rude.   some guys just can’t take No for an answer.   Remember, if you press sex on someone and they say ‘No’ and you continue, that is the same as assault or rape.

I have seen guys get dressed and leave shortly after they come in because some guys won’t leave them alone and are so grabby.  Even though we may all be there for the same reason, it does not mean that everyone that walks in wants to have sex with you or have you grabbing all over them.

One of the biggest things I have noticed, because it has happened to me numerous times, is a guy that you have told no to, waits til you are playing or involved with someone else and then comes up and pushes himself in the middle of it.  If I wouldn’t play with you one-on-one, then why would I play with you with another person.  I believe in general manners no matter where I am or what situation I am in.  there is one guy that follows me around every week, and every week I tell him no and give him all the signals that nothing is going to happen.  Still, he is there.  I finally had to just be very Blunt with him that in no way shape or form was anything going to happen.  He keeps his distance from me to some extent.

There are guys that you can tell have never been in a place like this or just nervous being around naked men.  Guys that circle them like vultures and are so grabby are the easiest way to run them off and lose them as customers.  Just because someone sits next to you in a dry sauna or steam room does not mean he wants to get to know you, maybe it is the only seat open.  Also, if you sit next to a guy that moves away from you, get the hint!  Stop moving next to him, he is not interested.

I know that most of these people I am referring to will not read this blog or even if they did, would not take it upon themselves to change or even admit I was talking about them.  I just needed to get that out and hopefully someone who is new to this arena will keep some of the things in mind and make for a better cruising experience.

Til next time

Remember to say hi to Daddy if ya see me in the jacuzzi or dry sauna. I don’t bite…hard…most of the time.

Small Town Gay Life

This past week I started off on a road trip, not the typical wild adventure but for the sake of taking care of some family issues. I thought I would make the most of it no matter how unpleasant the business at hand was to be. Leaving Las Vegas and headed north up I-15, it wasn’t long before my mind started wandering to thoughts of the big burly truck drivers on those long hauls. If any of them were actually naked from the waist down driving those big rigs, feeling the vibration of the road beneath them. What were they thinking on those long hauls?  As we passed them, I would look up to see if he was a bearded, scruffy or stached man, ruggedly handsome from a hard life on the road and horny for that next release. Every rest stop we passed and I saw trucks in the parking lot, I wondered how many were there with the thought of bathroom stall interludes and the occasional stroll off into the woods like I encountered in my younger years in the south. Were any of them waiting in their sleepers for an eager mouth to come release that pent up load.  Whew!  It’s getting Hot in here!  I have always found something incredibly hot about public sex in restrooms or wooded areas around rest stops.  Most likely due to that being the easiest meeting grounds for a young man in the south.  But that was then, and now, we have the ease of the internet.

Then I started thinking about how it must be very easy to meet and hookup in small towns because of apps like growlr, grindr and scruff or sites like adam4adam or manhunt. Mainly because of the anonymity of these sites and if most guys were closeted and not wanting to go to gay bars, that is, if there were any in the small towns. Let alone if there were any bookstores or bathhouses there.

Then, we arrived at our destination and all of those memories of the small town I grew up in came flooding back and why I moved to Las Vegas in the first place.  We took care of some of the issues that were pressing and then headed out for drinks with a local friend. The first bar we hit was a small corner bar with a fiery short bartender and we found out a brawl had just happened 10-15 minutes prior.  I was a little disappointed that I missed it, to tell the truth. The patrons were a mix of blue collar workers, young skater type, and neighborhood denizens.  After several drinks and chatting up some of the locals in this fun little straight neighborhood bar it was time to move on.  We then hit Julian’s, a piano bar.  As we started to go in, I noticed pictures on the wall and asked,”Is this the Gay bar?”  I was answered with an enthusiastic Yes! We had several drinks here with a fun bartender and talked to more of the locals about living in this small town and how most of them just loved it.  The laid back pace and the fact that everyone knew everyones mentality.  By 2 am, we decided it would be best to grab some food  partly because we were hungry but also it was last call. Something I am still not used to after living in LV all these years.  So, off we went to the local eatery that is also a bar til 2 am.  This place was like stepping into a college bar.  Most of the patrons were college guys and some girls, rather plastered after a night of beer pong and binge drinking.  I even got a bar prize from one of the guys, his hat, after he dropped it off at our table as he stumbled thru on his way to the bathroom like he was in a pinball machine.  He never came back for it, so I kept it as a gift of my trip there.  The food was pretty good, when we finally got it.  Service was rather slow.

Looking back on that night, I can see why some people like living in a small town. There was time to have conversations with people that wanted to have friendly chats and not yelling at each other due to the loud music in the dance bars. People didn’t seemed so rushed or in the hurry for hookups.  But outside the bar, there didn’t seem to be any other  sign of gay life and several did say that the ‘know everyone’ mentality did cut down on the possibility of hookups if people were more private about those things.

I do like to have some relaxed, laid back times but would not give up the ease and accessibility that comes with living in Las Vegas.  I guess I am spoiled that I can go do things at almost anytime of the day versus everything seemingly rolling up the sidewalks when the sun goes down. So, it is a good weekend getaway that makes me appreciate the craziness and sinful nature that is, Las Vegas!

See you all soon, in the jacuzzi or steam room or maybe sitting in the dry sauna.  If you see me, feel free to tell Daddy hello.